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Personal Training  Meal Plans  Boot Camp Classes Group Training Consults  Health and Wellness Consults Strength Training Plans Nutritional Weight Loss Meal Plans Personalize Fitness Wellness Booklet Cardio Endurance Plans

POWER ZONE FITNESS LLC is a company that will provide you Performance Optimization Working Enhanced Results (POWER). The POWER to transform YOU, with an emphasis on life balance through structured fitness.

Personal Trainer

Meet Coach Chris:

Chris Houston is an active duty Air Force Military Officer based out of the DM(V). Chris is a 43 year old single mother of 2 that transformed her body from 205 to 130 pounds. Prior to her transformation journey, she was a Track and Field, Junior Olympics, Cross Country, and Basketball athlete.
After losing 75 pounds, she is determined to help you navigate your fitness and health journey. Her expertise includes, but not limited to, effective tread cardio and home based workouts. So if you never want to leave home to get fit or live at the gym, Chris is your Coach for fast transformations with maintainable results.

What We Do

What We Do Best

POWER ZONE FINTESS focuses on 3 Main Pillars:

Fasted Cardio

Burns Fat - Not Just Calories

Strength Training

Shapes the Body

Recovery ❤️‍🩹

Meal Plan, Stretching, Water, and Rest

Power Zone Fitness

Tap Into Your POWER:

We help you tap into your POWER by building on the basics and adding new exciting workouts that combines Cardio & Strength Training All Wrapped In One! Best yet, you can do these workouts anywhere and it is just for you!
Tapping into your POWER will give you your sexy back by shrinking the waist and building strength. So if you’re ready to get Sexy and Stronger… “Lets Lose the Gut and Build Strength!” Grab some weights, sliders, and bands and let’s get to WORK!

Why Choice Us

Why Train with POWER:

Before we became coaches we have been there… we were clients first. We understand the struggles of consistency, the desires to lose weight and transform our bodies. We design challenges, strength training, and meal plans with YOU in mind! We recognise the importance of the individuals and are determined to help you transform your body to achieve your desired RESULTS!

Power Zone Fitness

POWER Challenge

Looking to take control of your health…
Looking to lose a little, live more…
Looking to shed body fat, tone up…
Looking to make a lifestyle change, build your dream body…

Start with The POWER Challenge!!! It consists of a 5 day program with 2 days of rest and recovery which outlines:


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